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Free Software SIMPLEX 2.4.0
06.10.2019 von 13HN3010 Beetlejuice

SIMPLEX 2.4.0 Repeater Software to quickly create a radio repeater. Free, handles simplex, duplex, transponder and mixed repeaters. Requires a sound card and Windows OS (95 and later). The program includes a lot of recording functions to be discovered by clicking the opposite flags. The survey function by the program WATCHDOG is included in the zip. Time/Weather beacons through the french COUCOU or the english WX_Player or the multilingual Speaking Clock Deluxe. Click the flags to know more about the last release.

>>> SIMPLEX 2.4.0 <<<
Release History starting from the most recent:
- To fix an anomaly which may appear on a short record (burst) associated to a silence delay and a troncated setting rather long. Cancelling this burst record and reinitiating the record process.

- To change the PTT configuration setting so that DTR and RTS may have different and independant logics

- To change the menu "squelch configuration" so that CTS and DSR may have different and independant logics

- To access the sytem volume control directly from Simplex (Replay panel).

- To add options to reverse the logic of the PTT commands (DTR et RTS) and of the squelch controls (CTS et DSR). WARNING : Closing SIMPLEX will automatically reset the DTR and RTS signals to LOW levels!
- To fix a bug in a WinNT function related to the numbers of COM ports greater than 9 (To apply a MicroSoft solution given by the MicroSoft support).
- To add figures in the scales of the squelch sliders.
- To create markers associated to these sliders.

- To replace ioctrl.dll by ntport.dll

- Extended treatment of LPT port addresses

- to update ioctrl.dll (cancelled in V2.3.4)
- to fix install executable for 64bit architecture

- To introduce the MUTE function trough the CD signal of the serial port (see Configuration menu)

- to fix anomalies in TCPIP detection mode and when playing the time beacon

- To replace www.f6dqm.fr by f6dqm.free.fr

- To add LPT driver for 64-bits architecture
- New release of ioctrl.ll library

- To add planned sequences #4 to #9 and extend to 18 the number of DTMF codes in each sequence
- To add DTMF actions #121 to #138 in order to remotly manage the 6 new planned sequences
- To fix a bug in simplex mode in relation to the truncated signal.
- To initialize the Data bits of the LPT port when starting Simplex

- Alternative to read the last release number on f6dqm.free.fr

- To add DTMF action n°92
- To add some noise filtering in the CTCSS tone detection

- Possibility to check the current release in the Info window.
- Error message if Internet failed to perform this checking.

- To take into account a particularity of the register base in some releases of Windows7

- To note that the secondary clock beacon may generated by WX_PLAYER if english is the local language

- Option in menu to check for new release on the Web site of the author

- Corrections in the management of the chosen sound card
- Correction in the management of the PTT through the printer port

- Possibility to send the squelch signal of the receiver through the LPT port.
This modification alongside with the previous 2.1.7 mod will fully free the COM
port. The PC-TX.bmp file shows some examples how to connect the LPT port to the

- Possibility to command the PPT lines of the transmitters through the printer port (LPT)

- Add option HEADER for recorded message (simplex mode) for message n#6

- In manual mode, the beacon is not played if one of the audio channels is busy.
An option in the BTEXT menu allows to by-pass this restriction.

- Two possible ranges for the beacon period : 1 to 120 minutes or 1 to 120 seconds according to the of
the time unit (min or sec)
- Add in the File menu an option to Truncate the end of the record. This is to filter possible clicks
before replaying the recorded audio (simplex mode only).

- Fix an error when testing the B2 beacon as SpeakingClockDeluxe

- Move the COM port window (Win7)

- New DTMF actions for the PING message

- To fix a n anomaly with message n#5

- ID period up to 5 minutes (300 sec)

- To modify the management the ID message

- Fix an anomaly in the saving of settings
- Fix the reset of the TimerOut when ID wave is played
- Search for a more recent version when clicking the Info menu
- Option to perform this research when opening the program

- Add the messages HELLO #2 and GOODBYE #2 with functionning time range

- Add the Identification beacon (ID)
- Correct somme smell bugs when sending wave messages.

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