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Mittwoch, 7. Dezember 2022
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TeaSpeak Voice communication Forum Infos
TeaSpeak Voice communication Forum

many of you who just discover us may wonder, what TeaSpeak actually is and where we're reaching for!

TeaSpeak is a mighty client-server based voice communication software programmed using state of the art programming technology.
Besides having a native client the innovative web-client allows you to access the channels of your choice from nearly any device anywhere you have Internet access.
The Server-software is a 100% self developed, actively maintained and created out of love for powerful innovative voice communication server features.

For various reasons some people keep calling TeaSpeak a "crack" of some other well known VoIP software.
The bottom line, from all of their posts is, that they have not done their research right.

TeaSpeak has a couple of unique features, that comparable servers do not have and never had.
Among those are such powerful ones like Built in music bots, Invisible channels and Customizable Messages.
Here (https://github.com/TeaSpeak/TeaSpeak/blob/master/Changes.md) you can see a huge, but not nearly exhaustive list of our unique server-features.

Client-UI and and the web client are open source.
So to all you developers out there : "Become part of the Tea-Party and create something incredible !"

Best regards
Markus ~ WolverinDEV

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